About Us

The Goat Grip™ is a family-owned, upcoming footwear brand based in Miami, Florida. 

The business was born out of personal necessity since many of our family members suffer from foot deformities, more specifically, double-jointed ankles and bunions. For us, regular shoes were definitely part of the problem, and luckily we stumbled upon the work of different health experts (which you can read about in our "TRULY BAREFOOT" Blog) who proposed barefoot footwear as a solution to our conditions. 

However, after personally wearing models from our competitors, we knew key elements like an extra-wide toe box, and allowing for a free range of motion were not being met in the industry. Less than a year later, The Goat Grip™ was born, and thanks to your support and trust, we are growing faster than ever and bringing Americans closer to the natural shape of their foot!

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30-Day Guarantee

Every purchase comes with a 30-day gurantee from the date of delivery.

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If our products are not a great fit for you, contact us to arrange a return, replacement, or refund.