Barefoot shoes

Barefoot shoes - How they reverse the structural damage in your feet

Barefoot shoes - How they reverse the structural damage in your feet

For the past 50 years, terms like "arch support" or "shock absorption" have flooded the shoe industry. Claims of better feet mechanics, reducing the risk of injury, and even improving upon previous medical conditions placed the modern cushioned shoe as the leading option for all things sports and athletics. 

However, recent literature disrupts the status-quo by revealing that these eye-catching designs, and beautiful curved paddings on our shoes might be causing more harm than good. 

Dr. Nick Campitelli is one of many health experts to explore the benefits of ditching these so-called "supportive shoes" for a more minimalist, anatomically-respectful variant. In his personal blog, he educates his readers on how for many of his patients, bunions, and other toe-related deformities have improved exponentially after switching to minimalist footwear that has a wide toe box. 

Furthermore, Dr. Campitelli reminds us that no peer-reviewed study has ever showed that padding, or modern arch support technology can lead to a decrease in risk of feet injury. Which begs the question: how much of the terms we hear today from the leading footwear manufacturers are just marketing oriented? and how much of them are based on science?

It is important to mention that Dr. Campitelli does not mention minimalist shoes as an end-all, be-all solution either, but reiterates that they have been proven effective in reversing the structural damage caused by long-term modern footwear use. 

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